Sam is a good fireman. A great fireman, actually, following in the footsteps of his father. But after numerous years on the Tehran fire department, tons of medals and accolades, countless promotions…something just isn’t right. A mysterious incident occurred in Sam’s childhood that has lead him on a lifelong mission to save lives. Along with his good friend Farhad, the department captain, Sam is relentless in his quest to rescue civilians from fires. In one horrendous blaze, Sam encounters a man named Arman, an arsonist, who is trying to burn a former business associate of his (Shahin) alive. Sam foils Arman’s plan, and saves both men from the flames. In this inferno, however, Sam suffers severe smoke inhalation, and is hospitalized. Meanwhile, Arman undergoes trial for his crimes and is promptly sent to prison. At the hospital, Sam’s loyal girlfriend Sara visits him there religiously. Yet when Sam finally recuperates, he does not want to stay in Iran any longer. He sets out for a place with a polar opposite climate (temperature-wise, and culturally): Finland. He bids Sara and Farhad a teary farewell, and heads across the world to start a new life.


In this new locale, Sam quickly adapts and makes it his home. He makes fast friends with a man named Marko, who has a similar interest in racecars, and the two of them compete often. Here Sam also meets the love of his life, the beautiful and caring Emma. They start a life together, and all is seemingly right with the world. Emma, an inquisitive soul, is always asking Sam about his past, where he is from. Sam is laconic on these topics. But one day, five years from his departure from his homeland, he acquiesces to her request to actually see his birthplace firsthand.


Back in Iran, Farhad reunites with Sam, picking him and Emma up at the airport. Farhad graciously drives Sam to his old house, and then lets Sam use his car while he is in the country. So, Sam then takes Emma on a tour of all the historic, stunning locales in Kashan, and she is mesmerized. As they later discuss the region and Sam’s attachment to it and his background, Sam finally reveals his childhood secret. Just as Sam confesses this, cars swarm him and Emma from all sides and cause Sam to get into a fiery wreck. When Sam regains consciousness, he is horrified to find that Emma is missing. Sam now embarks on a gut-wrenching journey to find Emma and safely retrieve her. Sam uses Farhad’s connections to try to uncover information as to who may have wanted to abduct Emma. Sam weaves his way through the underbelly of the city, coming face to face with unknown foes, all hell-bent on harming Sam. As Sam digs deeper into the mendacious layers surrounding him, he learns that someone has employed a cadre of villainous henchman, all with the goal of making Sam suffer.