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Layers of Lies – Honarmandonline.ir

An exclusive interview with budding action star Ramin Sohrab in the Iranian online publication, Honarmandonline.ir. Insider info on how the dynamic stunts were executed – and how Ramin was injured on set!

Layers of Lies

LAYER OF LIES Gets A New Look At Ramin Sohrab Looking Like He Just Knocked Someone The F*ck Out

Cinematic bad-ass Romin Sohrab brings his expertise in various form of martial arts to the set of Layers of Lies. Go behind the scenes to learn more about his epic battle.

Layers of Lies

LAYER OF LIES: Ramin Sohrab Suits Up Behind The Scenes In New Stills And Videos

Ramin Sohrab and the cast of Layer of Lies were truly feeling the heat onset. In full firefighter garb, they got to experience firsthand the scorching sensations felt by the true heroes of the local fire department.

Layers of Lies

First Look At Iranian Martial Arts Film LAYERS OF LIES

Layers of Lies takes a look at several undeniably bold cultures. Mixing jaw-dropping martial arts of the East with the gorgeous backdrop of Tehran, and some Finnish styling as well, this is one unique piece of cinema.